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Knowledge Solutions’ senior consulting team brings years of experience in Customer Relationship Management. We have combined that knowledge with Business Intelligence to optimize processes and policies in order for companies to increase ROI. We’ve been providing services and support to our clients for over 20 years, and we are continuing to invest in solutions and services that meet the demands of a real-time industry – where Business Intelligence can add up to millions of dollars in increased profits.

Business process reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed, and service. BPR combines a strategy of business innovation with a strategy of making major improvements to business processes so that a company can become a much stronger and more successful competitor in the marketplace.

The key stimulus for reengineering for our clients has been the continuing development and deployment of sophisticated information systems databases. Our clients can use this technology to support innovative business processes as well as refining current ways of doing work.

Our Approach

Business process reengineering is one approach for redesigning the way work is done to better support the organization's vision and reduce costs. Our reengineering solutions start with a high-level assessment of the organization's vision, strategic goals, and customer needs. Basic questions are asked, such as "Does our vision need to be redefined? Are our strategic goals aligned with our vision? Who are our customers?" Within the framework of this basic assessment of vision and goals, our solutions focus on the organization's business processes--the steps and procedures that govern how resources are used to create products and services that meet the needs of particular customers or markets. As a structured ordering of work steps across time and place, a business process can be broken down into specific activities, measured, modeled, and improved. It can also be completely redesigned or eliminated altogether. Reengineering identifies, analyzes, and redesigns an organization's core business processes with the aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical performance measures, such as cost, quality, service, and speed.

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