Business Solutions - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We provide high-quality ERP technical and functional resources to address and solve your business problems.

  • Implementations and Upgrades
  • Custom Applications
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Process Automation
Lawson, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and SAP ERP System Integrator

Knowledge Solutions provides ERP Solutions for Finance, HR & Payroll, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations. Our ERP Solutions pull together cross departmental functions onto one single System that integrates information into a central repository making the data easily accessible and meaningful. Our ERP team specializes in implementations and process automation which includes EDI process, Web technologies, Web Portals, and connectivity to external stake holders.

Experienced ERP Business & Technology Professionals

Our Business and Technical Staff has an average of over 10 years of global ERP experience with Lawson, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP Implementations. Their expertise is in process re-engineering, developing new business processes, configuring the ERP System to meet your business needs and providing on-going support.

It is a huge complex order to build a single software program to meet the needs of the financial and human resources team as well as the Manufacturing and Inventory operations. Each of those departments typically have their own systems and applications customized for the way that the department does its work. Knowledge Solutions brings the expertise and experience to its customers to combine them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs on a single database so that the various departments can easily share information, communicate with each other and foster better business decisions.

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