Business Solutions - Revenue Assurance

Our Revenue Assurance Methodology helps to identify and minimize risks to your business' bottom line.

  • Detect
  • Analyze
  • Correct
  • Recover
  • Prevent

With increasing pressure on profits and margins, every company needs to ensure it is billing and receiving every dollar it is entitled to, and Knowledge Solutions can help. Revenue assurance is the process of ensuring a company receives all the revenue from the sales and consumption of its products and services. It seems simple enough, but for many companies it's quite a challenge. It's bigger and more complex than making sure "billing runs." Revenue assurance is any activity an organization undertakes to ensure that policies, processes and procedures result in revenue that is billed completely, accurately, timely and that it is collected promptly.

Knowledge Solutions has experience identifying and fixing the major drivers that contribute to lost revenue. They all involve Risk.

Knowledge Solutions works with key stake-holders to understand the policies, processes and systems that comprise your revenue stream and identify the high probability fail-points. We can identify the technical and non-technical drivers of revenue loss in your company and help you take a targeted, high-value approach to implementing our Revenue Assurance Methodology.

Whether your Revenue Assurance needs are very basic or very sophisticated Knowledge Solutions can provide the right level and combination of technical and management solutions your business needs.

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