Case Studies - Billing Assurance


Since this major cable company started providing voice-over-cable telecom service using its own fiber optic network, it has experienced significant growth in customers and building connections. As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), this company faces many challenges in a highly competitive industry that require a keen understanding of all the revenue-generating options available. In addition to the revenue-generating opportunities of providing voice and data services to business and end user customers, there are other sources of revenue and cost recovery that must be carefully managed in order to remain profitable and competitive. This includes Reciprocal Compensation (RC) for Interconnection with other Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), Access Billing for IntraLATA calls delivered to LECs, and Carrier Access Billing (CABS) for originating and terminating customer access to Interexchange Carriers (IXCs).


Knowledge Solutions conducted research and provided recommendations for optimizing the revenues that can and should be generated from reciprocal compensation for interconnection with other LECs, access billing, and carrier access billing. Our experts reviewed Company contractual agreements, reports, and other documentation for this revenue assurance assessment.


Knowledge Solutions delivered a complete assessment and recommended areas to improve revenue assurance. Possible failures were recognized and recommendations were made for this Company to bill and offset charges for sources of revenue investigated. Additional recommendations for cost savings in bill processing, dispute resolution, collections and accounts receivable manpower, and system costs are being realized.

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