Case Studies - Data Quality


A leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony needed to greatly improve its data management capabilities throughout the business. Their primary challenges included a lack of data correlation, no comprehensive data repository and inefficient report generation cycle times. The complicated environment consisted of numerous databases spanning multiple DBMS structures containing hundreds of tables.


Knowledge Solutions undertook a careful and comprehensive analysis of the operational systems (many homegrown) and the data movement process. We reverse engineered and documented the customer's data structures, eliminated numerous tables that were not being used and stabilized the report generation process. Within a short period of time, the team developed a new data dictionary and data model for all fields and tables. These deliverables have become the foundation for the customer's data warehouse.


Within a short time of being co-located with the customer, the Knowledge Solutions team was able to reduce the clients report generation cycle time from several weeks to two days and recapture scarce processing cycles by eliminating unneeded data movement processes. The team also shortened the development cycle time down to days and stabilized the extract-transform-load process, thus improving the consistency of results.

Knowledge Solutions has significantly improved the quality of this Company's data, their operational systems environment, and have also set the groundwork for a robust analytics platform that can be used for a number of business applications.

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