Case Studies - Sales and Marketing Business Intelligence


A major Telecommunications Firm was preparing to deploy a new ordering platform. In conjunction with the deployment, they wanted to refine their consumer credit policies and drive greater adherence throughout their sales channels.

The firm lacked a consistent vehicle for tracking the quality and sources of new customers and was unable to demonstrate the impact that credit and sales quality have on the profitability of different products and offers.

The firm was looking to develop a self-contained business intelligence solution that would provide the analytic capabilities required to support the deployment of the new ordering platform while avoiding the complexities associated with an integrated data warehouse.


Knowledge Solutions understood the firmís business problem and responded with a proposal to deliver a client based version of its InCYTE™ tool which provides a detailed understanding of sales quality, return on investment and policy adherence.

Knowledge Solutions Professional Services partnered with the firmís finance and marketing teams in developing a comprehensive understanding of costs for all products and channels. Order-level data was collected and linked across the enterprise to develop a holistic understanding of the value created by every sale. Knowledge Solutions assisted the firm in establishing a comprehensive set of metrics that assess the sources and quality of new customers and profitability throughout their lifecycle. Knowledge Solutions also developed a compliance scorecard that measures adherence to policy and provides order-level detail on all non-compliant sales to support process improvement.


With the help of the InCYTE™ tool, the firm has successfully deployed their new platform and has implemented a set of credit policies that has enabled sales to a greater number of customers while increasing profitability. The firm has an improved understanding of the value associated with new sales and improved partnerships between the marketing, finance and credit teams. In addition, adherence to policies has improved within the channels and uncollectible expenses have been reduced.

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