Technical Services - Data Warehousing

More and more companies are using data warehousing as a strategic approach that helps them win new customers, develop new products, and manage to the top and bottom lines. At Knowledge Solutions, we help businesses establish and leverage business intelligence and data warehouse technology for continuous improvement and cost savings by making information available at the level necessary for it to be actionable.

Our people have been building and managing data warehouses for over eighteen years by teaming with the leading providers of data warehouse appliances and software. By integrating technology with business processes and policies, we tightly align our solutions with the strategic and tactical goals of the business and can demonstrate a measurable return on investment every step of the way.

We believe that the right people, methodology, and experience are critical but that the reliance on technology is only a small part in realizing the true business value of a warehouse. Since they touch the organization at all levels, the people who design, build and maintain the data warehouse must be capable of working across the organization as well. In addition to strong competencies in data warehousing technology, infrastructure and methodology, Knowledge Solutions' associates also possess business backgrounds in finance, human resources, fraud detection & mitigation, billing, marketing, customer support, and operations.

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